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Private Musical Playgroups

Book a private Music, Mommy, & Me playgroups in the comfort of your own home, playspace, or public park near you where everything will come to YOU!  Each hands-on Early Childhood music class is filled with live music including guitar, ukulele and more for ages 0-4 years and their caregivers. Every week, there will be a special activity such as scarf dancing, parachute play, music surprises, puppets, creative movement, learning and fun!


Elite Musicians Playgroups provides the perfect combination of convenience, enrichment, and FUN! 

You may book these playgroups as individual sessions or as semester based, once-a-week commitments.


What's included:

  • 45 Minute Class

  • Original music as well as popular favorites 

  • Hands-on learning experience 

  • Developing language and social skills

  • Guitar, ukulele, props, puppets, musical book time and more!

  • Storyboards + creative teaching materials 

  • Bubble Time! 


Availability for Musical Mommy & Me Playgroups : Fridays at 12:00pm or 3:30pm.

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